28 May

Greeting From The Soldier And War Shop

Four additional shirts have been added to the  D-Day sale.  US11-1, US11-2,  US40 Airborne, and US41 Path Finder will be featured and on sale along with the first four until June 12th 2017.  All eight are to commemorate the D-Day June 6th 1944 landings in France.

Soldier and War will be at Reading Air Show at the Mid Atlantic Museum in Reading Pennsylvania June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  We will be at the Bantam Jeep Festival in Slippery Rock Pennsylvania the following weekend.  This show is held at the Coopers Campground facility.

18 May

Greetings From The Soldier And War Shop

The new website is up and working.  I have placed four D-Day shirts on sale and in the Featured Category in honor of the 73rd anniversary of D-Day June 6th 1944.  I will add additional shirts to these next week.  Watch for them.  Present sale item codes are US54, US53, US10-2, and US10-6.

The Soldier and War Shop will be at the Reading Air Show in Reading Pennsylvania.  This show is held at the Mid Atlantic Museum and Airport.  Open to the public Friday June 2nd, Saturday June 3rd,  and Sunday June 4th.   The following weekend we will be at the Bantam Jeep Festival held at Cooper’s Campground 15 miles west of Butler, Pennsylvania.  Dates are Friday June 9th, Saturday June 10th, and Sunday June 11th.   I will leave all items on sale until I return from the shows.

If you have any problems with or comments on the new web do not hesitate to contact me.


08 May

Greetings From The Soldier and War Shop

About a month back we sent out an email detailing some of the new features that make this site better for our customers (read here). One of the great things about our site is that you can create an account so that you don’t have to retype your information each time you order, can check on shipment status, and review past purchases.

While many people like that type of thing, we’ve heard that some of you don’t. We’ve added a Guest Checkout ability where instead of logging in or creating an account you can checkout from our site as a guest. When you goto the Checkout page on the site it’ll give you the option to Checkout as Guest, Login to Your Account, or Create an Account to finish your order.

We hope this makes it easier for those that don’t want to create an account on our site to order.