22 Mar

G62 – GPO504-2 – GPO504-3 Hoodies

I have been slow on communication with our customers, due to recovering from surgery.  I have information on two subjects to communicate at this time.  The Africa Korps t-shirts GPO504-2 green and GPO504-3 tan have been a very popular product over the years.  We are preparing to reprint all sizes on both shirts.  These designs will be offered on a hoodie for the first time on a prepaid basis.  They will be offered in the green or tan color.  Since we have never printed this design in a hoodie we do not have a sample for you to view.   You can view them on the web as a t-shirt, by entering the part number in the search box.  For anyone interested the procedure will be for you to order a GPO111-1.  E-mail me with the size and color.  Allow for a 30 day delivery.   This offer is also available for the G62 9th SS Hohenstaufen design.  This is a left chest design in the color black only.  The same purchasing procedure will apply.

The second subject is the new 7.62 designs:  There will be about twenty new shirts posted on the web during the next two weeks.  I will post all of them in the featured section which will make them easier to identify.

A special thanks to all who have order since the last e-mail blast.