21 Jan

Greeting From The Soldier And War Shop

We have placed three shirts on sale and displayed them in the featured section.
The Ranger shirt is a distressed design in the color grey. On Sale: $18.00
The Full Auto Pub shirt is a 2nd Amendment design in the color black. On Sale: $18.00
The Kill Them All shirt is a novelty design in Black. On Sale: $18.00

05 Dec

Greeting From the Soldier and War Shop

We are preparing to reprint existing designs with added colors on some items.
We will be printing sizes medium through 3x as always, but by pre order only we can print a small or 4x t-shirt for any customer who wishes one. Items are listed below. There are to many photo’s to post in this e-mail, please read carefully.

We can also print a small through 4x hoodie in any of the following item numbers.

Original Luftwaffe Insignia T-Shirt G24-6 in ash grey. New color Luftwaffe Insignia T-Shirt G24-16 iris blue.

Original G30-1 German Eagle T-Shirt in black.
Original G30-12 German Eagle T-Shirt in white.
New color G30-2 German Eagle T-Shirt in forest green.

Original G18 Das Reich Shield T-Shirt in black.

Original GPO504-2 Afrika Korps T-Shirt in green.
Original GPO504-3 Africa Korps T-Shirt in tan.

Original color GPO111-1 Totenkopf T-Shirt in black.
Original color GPO111-12 Totenkopf T-Shirt in white.
New color GPO111-2 Totenkopf T-Shirt in forest green
Most of the preorders will not be shipped until late January 2020.

New Hoodie HG18 Das Reich Shield in black.
New Hoodie HG30-1 German Eagle in black.
New Hoodie HG30-2 German Hoodie in forest green.
Original Hoodie HG111-1 Totenkopf in black.
New Hoodie HG111-2 Totenkopf in forest green.
New Hoodie HG504-2 Afrika Korps in green.
New Hoodie HG504-3 Afrika Korps in tan.
New Hoodie HG24-6 Luftwaffe Insignia in ash grey.
New Hoodie HG24-16 Luftwaffe Insignia in iris blue.

01 Dec

Greetings From The Soldier And War Shop

WE have had requests for kid’s military shirts. We are offering four, one for each branch of service. Regular $18.00 and will be on sale at $15.00 dollars through Christmas. They are posted in the feature section of the website.

30 Nov

Greetings From The Soldier And War Shop

G23-6 in grey is the original Soldier and War shirt.
We are introducing a new color in forest green
I have including a little history on this award.
The German word Bandenkampfabzeichen meaning. {Anti- bandits-struggle badge}

This badge was awarded to all branches of service that participated in Anti- Partisan operations. Eastern front combat at its worst.
Instituted January 30th 1944. Bronze for 20 combat days, Silver for 50 combat days, and Gold for 100 combat days.
Both items will be displayed in the featured section and will on sale through Christmas at $21.00 all sizes.