24 Jun

Greeting From The Soldier and War Shop

   Greeting I hope all of you are doing well.  The events of the last six months have taken a toll on everyone.  Most business, have had to make some adjustments. The Soldier and War Shop is no exception.  Since most of our shows have been canceled this year our website is the only source available.  New modern military and novelty shirt designs were ready for the public in January of this year. The new designs, that I have available are posted in the featured section of the website at a reduced introductory price.  Please keep in mind that delivery will be a little slow on these sale items. 


This sale will run for 11 days only. June 25ththrough July 5th.


   I will be posting some German shirts on sale at a later date.




One thought on “Greeting From The Soldier and War Shop

  1. Did you get an order from me 10-14 days ago? I'm still anxiously waiting for my t-shirts. I really liked what I saw on line. Please let me know if there is a problem with the order.

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