19 Oct

Greetings From The Soldier And War Shop

The subject of this e-mail is new design for our Stug Assault Gun T-Shirt.  The original item Code was G26.  We now have two G26-6 in the color Grey, and G26-2 in the color Forrest Green.  The original was a single sided print only.  I was never satisfied with the original image, and that is why this new shirt is now available.   I have improved the artwork for the front image and added historical information for a new back image.  These shirts can be viewed in the featured section of the home page.  The two new G35 shirts that we made available earlier this year, The Desert Storm, and The Enduring Freedom shirts are also featured.  I did not print in small or 4x, and only have one each in medium.  If we receive sufficient orders I will reprint all sizes and have them to you by Christmas.  E-mail me with your preference on size and color.

2 thoughts on “Greetings From The Soldier And War Shop

  1. Any possibility of tee shirts with either the Hunting Tiger with 128mm cannon or the hunting Panther with the 88mm cannon? Also, can you get tee shirts with the “V” neck? I hate to cut the neck to accommodate my larger neck. Love your site. Will be getting the Tiger I & King Tiger tees shortly. Thanks

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