19 Apr

Greetings From The Soldier And War Shop

We hope you’ve been enjoying the new website and all the new features it brings to you.

As you use our site and find all your old favorites as well as new products, what better way is there to educate your family and friends about quality Soldier and War appeal than to share our product pages with them online? You’ll see on all our product pages easy to share links, like on the Don’t Tread on Me Flag. Each product page has sharing links to Facebook, Twitter, and many other Social Media sites below the Category section.

To stay up to date on everything happening at Soldier and War we encourage everyone to follow our pages to stay up to date at Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you know someone who isn’t on our email list to receive updates you can point them here to sign up.

We hope that by keeping you updated and continuing to bring new quality products to the website that you’ll continue to enjoy buying our products and sharing with your family and friends.